Miles Davis Electric Tribute

31 October 2009 20:00 – 01 November 2009 00:00
Location: JJ Smyths Dublin
Category: Normal Gig

miles davis etTrumpeter Paul Williamson (Australia) returns to Ireland for a brief visit and reunites with leading jazz musicians including saxophonist Michael Buckley, also Justin Carroll (Fender Rhodes), Ronan Guilfoyle (Electric Bass), Tommy Halferty (Guitar) and Shane O'Donovan (Drums),with a scenery chewing workout on vintage 70's Miles Davis of the "Bitches Brew" (Friday Night) and "Jack Johnson" (Saturday Night).

"A fearsome concentration of Irish jazz talent." – The Sunday Tribune

Eighteen years on since his passing, Miles Davis casts a long shadow into jazz's second century, and over a career that spanned five decades his restless music reached peaks of creativity that few have seen since. Among many high watermarks, in his productive middle years Miles served notice that a major shift in musical aesthetics was underway, bringing forth a series of electric albums whose impact has not yet subsided in creative music of all persuasions. Last heard taking no prisoners at The Electric Picnic 08, Electric Miles convenes the elite of Irish jazz including saxophonist Michael Buckley and drummer Shane O'Donovan in a scenery chewing workout on the vintage 1970s Miles of the Bitches Brew and Jack Johnson period. It's the spirit, not the letter of Miles that matters and this will be no arid tribute of worthy reconstruction. Sparks fly.