HLT is the Halferty / Lavergne Trio, founded in 1987.

Jard sur Mer, is a small seaside village 80kms north of La Rochelle on the French Atlantic Coast. With its pine forests, endless golden sands, fishing ports, its where Irish guitarist Tommy Halferty had a fortuitous encounter. In 1987 he discovered the two Lavergne brothers; organist Jean-Philippe and drummer Christophe, natives of the holiday village, that led to the formation of a jazz trio that still performs today. HLT have forged a distinctive trademark European Jazz sound with power and burning intensity, totally revitalising the organ trio concept. And it all started by chance in a little French seaside resort called Jard sur Mer.

Halferty (guitar, Ireland), Jean-Philippe Lavergne (Hammond organ, Côtes d’Armor), Christophe Lavergne (drums, brother of the previous one). It's been 25 years since the two brothers met the Irish guitarist, in their hometown, Jard-sur-mer in Vendée. Guitar-organ-drums, a form of trio popularized in the 60s and 70s, one of the characteristics of which is warmth. There is indeed something warm about the combination of the sound of the organ and the guitar. This warmth is first expressed here in a rather cool way, a bit West Coast, before igniting after half the record. Like a modern-day Jim Hall, Halferty can move from fairly classic jazz to more "edgy" things with contemporary tendencies, while never going to the side of sound processing pedal effects or other wild outbursts. Lots of virtuosity and imagination in each musician, among whom we sense a strong complicity, which is somewhat normal from 2 brothers and their 25-year-old friend!

Track List

  1. Blue Impressions
  2. Darn That Dream
  3. Encore-Moi
  4. Sombrero Sam
  5. HLT #6
  6. Blues for Scott and Thomas


with his long-standing French trio featuring brothers Jean Philippe and Christophe Lavergne on Hammond organ and drums, the guitarist is very much in the zone with a rhythm section that challenges and inspires him. The results have an immediacy and an honesty to match his live performances. There are echoes of Pat Metheny and John Abercrombie but, particularly in this company, Halferty has a style that is unique, making Blue Impressions a notable addition to the Irish jazz guitar canon.

Review from Irish Times

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