Professional Jazz Guitar Lessons

(available in the Dublin area) 

Private lessons are €45 - €50 for a 1 hour lesson

Jazz Techniques and Jazz Theory for Guitar

Can prepare students for B.A. and Masters in Jazz degree and Performances.

Covering all aspects of jazz guitar tuition from, theory to technique and improvisation in various styles.

Areas covered can range form:
Foundation for Improvisation (Jazz Harmony)
In jazz, harmony is often the foundation of a performance. Harmony is expressed in terms of the chords used to accompany the melody. Aside from the theme, the sequence of chords used to accompany the melody may be the only thing that has been prearranged about the performance. This chord progression, also referred to as the chord changes or simply the changes, is also used as a basis for improvisation.
Areas covered are: Chord construction, chord form, cord progressions, reading chord charts, harmonising of melodies etc.

In order to ensure you will be able to improvise and compose in the right way: areas covered will be:
All major and minor scales and relative keys and all chords in every key.
Inversions and the building melody techniques.
Phrasing, Ear training, transcribing, music harmony, transposing, voicing, harmonization are other important and fundamental techniques to learn jazz improvisation and composing.

If there is anything not listed here that you would like to learn just ask and I will do everything I can to accommodate you.

To arrange a jazz guitar lesson please contact me.