Flann O Brien  "----a sweet dose of hopelessness" - He writes with an offhand lilt that twists the drab ordinary into a peculiar precision.

Blaise Pascal blames all the trouble of the world on people ever leaving their rooms, his view of man as a "thinking reed" (le plus faible de la nature)

James Joyce, that overbearing master to the Dublin quotidian

Martin Luther, the inventor of inwardness---throwing his ink-pot at the devil

Odysseus loses himself to find himself by the repetition of blind nature as in the episode in Homer’ Sirens

The Sun is the source of all life--Albert Camus

We become very old when we replace our dreams with our regrets

The comedy of endurance with Beckett-- continue, continue until the next time--but there is no next time – that’s a blessing  !!!I

Un univers dans une tasse de the

A Tale of Beauty, War and Total Tragedy:

The beautiful Helen of Troy was the wife of Agamemnon’s brother Menalous but she was seduced by Paris of Troy who carries her away with him. While the Trojans welcomed Helen and Paris but their punishment will result in a total destruction of Troy inflicted by the miseries of a bitter war caused by Agamemnon’s revenge for the sake of Helen.

The Trojan War destroyed both Greece and Troy insofar that Agamemnon drained Greece of its manhood while the Trojans felt their punishment was out of all proportion to any harm that they may have done to the Greeks.

Agamemnon returned home with a small crew and a single ship and a captive mistress Cassandra. No demonstration of reason or any defence of argument could justify this total tragedy.

Marcel Proust - "Longtemps je me suis couche de bonne heure"

"Society oftens forgives the criminal but never forgives the dreamer" --- O. Wilde