1. Maelstrom
  2. Burkina
  3. Blue Impressions
  4. Ogham Dalkey Song
  5. Breathing The Air
  6. Irish Connection
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Ethereal interplay between Irish jazz guitarist and Japanese contemporary pianist. Their uplifting and calming virtuosities together create the maelstrom of intuition for peace.

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Artists' and musicians' alike in one way or another, develop the idea of re-inventing themselves at a certain period of their careers to avoid the possible drying up of their inspirational source. This re-invention generally takes the shape of a new expression of their artistic selves.

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Blue Impressions

Jard sur Mer, is a small seaside village 80kms north of La Rochelle on the French Atlantic Coast. With its pine forests, endless golden sands, fishing ports, its where Irish guitarist Tommy Halferty had a fortuitous encounter.

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Irish Connection 

Drummer Keith Copeland has been on the fore front of New York scene for a long time playing with Hank Jones, the Heath Brothers, George Russell, Stan Getz, Johnny Griffin, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and many others.

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Breathing The Air 

This fine trio – with Halferty on guitar, Ronan Guilfoyle on bass and Keith Copeland on drums – has recorded a string of albums under the drummers name. Now Halferty assumes the leader’s mantle but sticks with the approach that has made this trio so strong.

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Ogham Dalkey Song 

Tommy Halferty, one of Ireland's finest guitarists, leads three French musicians in a successful marriage of jazz and folk. Irish songs such as My Lagan Love, Raggle Taggle Gypsies and The Bold Fenian Men get a new lease of life, with arrangements by Michel Zenino.

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About Tommy Halferty

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Born in Derry, Northern Ireland, he began his musical career in the late 70s taking Jazz Guitar lessons with Louis Stewart, a world class jazz musician. Some of his earliest appearances playing public were with bands such as `Jump' - a jazz fusion group and later on `Nunn' - a trio of flute, double bass and guitar. Most of the material here was drawn from classical, folk and jazz music.

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