ogham-dalkey-songTommy Halferty, one of Ireland's finest guitarists, leads three French musicians in a successful marriage of jazz and folk. Irish songs such as My Lagan Love, Raggle Taggle Gypsies and The Bold Fenian Men get a new lease of life, with arrangements by Michel Zenino.

The group, collectively known as Ogham, respects the original tunes while building on them imaginatively -- and Halferty is adventurous in his interpretations. Apart from the traditional tunes, there are two originals with a folky sound: Fire and Rain by James Taylor and Ballade Irlandaise by Eddy Marnay and Emil Stern. The French trio is totally in sympathy with the undertaking, and Halferty's soloing is a joy.


Tommy Halferty (guitar)
Mario Canonge (piano)
Michel Zenino (bass)
Stephane Foucher (drums)

Track List

  1. The Blacksmith
  2. Van Diemans Land
  3. Fire & Rain
  4. Raggle Taggle Gypsies
  5. My Lagan Love
  6. The Banks of Ohio
  7. Mairi’s Wedding
  8. The Bold Fenian Men
  9. Ballade Irlandaise
  10. She Moves Thro’ the Fair

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